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Reprints Program FAQ

This page answers some common questions about our reprints program. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

A title usually corresponds to the original sefer obtained from HebrewBooks.org or another digital archive. A title usually produces one or more editions - which correspond to a new physical book - for example an edition maybe merely a reproduction of a single title, or a combined edition made up of several titles together. Each edition has one or more reprints, which correspond to various bindings/print partner combinations of the same physical book. A request is placed by users in order to obtain an edition or a reprint from a specific set of titles. In FRBR terms, a title correspond to a work, an edition is a expression, and a reprint corresponds to an manifestation.

We are all separate organizations. The Society for Preservation of Hebrew Books which operates the HebrewBooks.org site scans and digitizes old seforim, making them available for free download. PublishYoursefer.com, is responsible for taking scanned seforim and setting them up for printing. Lulu, Amazon.com, and our other print on demand partners handle orders and printing for reprints.

Please direct this question to HebrewBooks.org. We only handle printing of seforim once they have been scanned.

We only print titles that are in public domain under United States law. Permission from the current copyright holder will be required to print any titles that are still under copyright.

The most common reason why a title is not available, is simply because it hasn't been setup for printing yet. Please contact us about a specific title.

For most titles, about 24 hours. Some titles may take longer.

Soft covers, coil and saddle stitch orders take 1-5 days. Hardcover orders take between 1 to 3 weeks for printing.

A small hardcover is 6"x9" and a large hardcover is 8.25"x10.75". When a sefer is setup one of these sizes is chosen based on the size of the original scan. Prior to setup, both prices are shown.

Not at this time.

Shipping varies depending on the printing partner used. Generally Amazon offers free shipping via their Prime program, all other retailers vary.

Here are some of the ways you can save money when placing an order:
  1. - If you are outside the US, try to use your local Amazon site or On Demand Books. Shipping and production costs may be cheaper in your local area
  2. - Lulu.com has a lot of coupons and discounts that change often. Please make sure to visit their homepage and their blog for the latest coupons. You can also visit RetailMeNot.com.

Here are some of the ways you can get discounted or free shipping on your order:
  1. - For Amazon, you can get free shipping when you order a certain amount of books or via Amazon Prime (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial). .
  2. - Amazon now offers free shipping to Israel for orders over $49 - see here for details. .
  3. - For Lulu, you can get often get discounts or free shipping with coupons.

Actual cost will be determined at the time your request is processed. Estimated costs are $5-$20 for soft covers, and $15-35 for hard covers. Shipping costs are extra.

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