Our Printing and Publishing Services

We specialize in on demand printing and short runs for Judaica and seforim - printing anywhere from 1 to 1000 copies. We prefer to deal with print ready titles which have already been setup or scanned, although we do offer additional services for typing and typesetting. With our vast experience in on demand printing of Hebrew seforim and English Judaica, we will make sure that your on demand printing experience is satisfactory. Our publishing and printing services include the following:

  • Initial setup - we will assist you with transitioning your files into print ready material and setup your title for printing
  • Scanning and OCR - we offer limited scanning and OCR services to turn your physical book into digital form
  • ISBNs and copyrights - if necessary, we will can provide or buy ISBN numbers for your titles from the ISBN agency and register your copyrights
  • Covers - you can choose from our standard cover designs or provide your own
  • Printing - we can print as many copies as you need, when you need
  • Drop shipping - we can drop ship any amount of copies to anywhere in the world
  • Distribution and book stores - we work with a variety of marketplaces to make your book available for sale
  • General Consulting - if it's book related, we are available for helping you with your project, no matter the size
Sample Setup Process

Our printing process goes through several steps:

  1. An email, phone or face to face consultation takes place between our staff and a customer discussing printing and publishing options, pricing and project details.
  2. A written estimate and contract is prepared and sent to the customer.
  3. Upon approval of the estimate and signing of the contract, the original book or sefer is supplied by the customer.
  4. We setup the title for printing and order a bound proof (usually a week for setup, upto three weeks for the proof).
  5. Upon approval of the proof, the initial order is placed by the customer.
  6. After the initial order, a customer can order additional copies at any time for the same per/copy price.
  7. If distribution and marketing services were purchased, the title enters the distribution chain and our online store.

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