Publishing Cost/Pricing

Our general rate is $200/hour billed in 15 minute increments, with a discount for non-profit organizations. However, many of our services are priced on a different model as described below. PLEASE NOTE: this price list is for general information only, and is subject to change at any time. Final pricing is determined at the time your order is placed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This pricing is for our standard publishing services ONLY. The reprints program operates on a different fee schedule.

Standard Publishing Services
Service Price Notes
Deposit/Setup $300 non-refundable, includes up to two proofs, standard cover design and 1/2 hour of labor
Additional proofs $100/proof
Revisions after publishing $300/revision includes two proofs, and 1/2 hour of labor
Minumum Order 25 copies
Estimated Printing Prices

Estimated printing prices are as follows, actual pricing is determined at the time of your order, shipping/handling costs are not included:

Soft Cover Hard Cover
Page Range Price/book Price/book
40-99 pages $7 $22
100-199 pages $10 $24
200-299 pages $13 $26
300-399 pages $16 $30
400-499 pages $19 $32
500-599 pages $22 $36
600-699 pages $25 $38
700-799 pages $28 $40
Additional Services Available
  • Consulting services - billed at a negotiated rate
  • Cover design - basic design is billed at either a negotiated rate or general labor rate, advanced services not available
  • Distribution - billed at a negotiated rate or revenue share agreement
  • Image cleanup - regular labor rate
  • Preparing books for printing via commercial POD providers - regular labor rate
  • Typesetting - basic: billed at either a negotiated rate or general labor rate advanced: not available in-house

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